• How can I claim and access my loyalty rewards?


    You need to be logged into your ReserveBar account in order to access your loyalty rewards.

    Once you have logged in, please click on the "Reserve Rewards" at the bottom left of the home page:



    You can select Redeem Rewards, which will display all of the rewards and indicate if you have met the points requirement to redeem.



    If you have already claimed a reward, but have not used it, please select your account.  When you scroll down past your recent activity, you will see if you have any claimed rewards that you have not yet redeemed.  



    Please note that claimed rewards cannot be combined.



  • Do you offer a rewards or points program for frequent purchases?


    ReserveBar does offer a loyalty rewards program.

    Once you begin to search for a product, a prompt will appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen.  When you click “learn more” you will be prompted to login or sign up for the program.   


  • How can I earn Reserve Rewards loyalty points?


    You will receive 500 points when you create a Reserve Rewards loyalty account.  You will earn 25 points each time you visit our website (limit once per week). When you make a purchase, you will receive 2 points for every $1 you spend.  If you “like” ReserveBar on Facebook, you will earn 250 points. Following ReserveBar on twitter will add 300 points to your loyalty account. Following ReserveBar on Instagram will earn 100 loyalty points.



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